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Efficiency Consulting

Our team helps you to install a culture of personal efficiency in your company. We love to go into the trenches and customise processes and tools to your specific circumstances and culture.

Training and Coaching

We make you or your people more effective and ready to handle the ever increasing amount of information. We introduce ‘work simplification’ habits to individuals and teams by providing tailored made workshops and coachings.


You can’t move towards your new future when you’re not aware of your problems and opportunities. Our teams delivers keynotes to create awareness, motivation to start the Personal Improvement Journey

Free tools

Our brain is an extraordinary system but it is not geared for our current knowledge work environment. That’s why we make and improve thinking tools that assists our brains so that we can optimize our time, energy, attention and money.

(Y)Our Story(?)

Welcome To T.E.A.M. Fixers

What do you do when you are overfloaded with work?  Most people work harder and longer. And in the short run this works perfectly.

Johan did the same until the moment this strategy didn’t work anymore. He followed workshops, trainings and coaching in personal efficiency. But it only clicked at the moment he started to look at progress like a worksimplifier would look at physical processes in a company.

How do make a process better? You look at the limited resources and find ways to optimize what you have and to get more of those resources that you lack.

As an individual we only have four limited resources.

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Attention
  • Money

And that insight was the seed for the T.E.A.M.  Fixers.
Because everything is fixable.

We like to work with companies who want to take care
of the time, energy and attention of their knowledge worker

Reduce Hassle, Boost Productivity

Helping you, your teams and your organisation reach personal peak productivity
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The way produce greatness is to coach ourselves how to use our limited resources in order to finish our projects in the smallest amount of throughput time as possible and reach our goals to have fulfilling days.
Five Productivity Secrets of Colruyt

Five Productivity Secrets of Colruyt

Are you working hard but not seeing results? Maybe you’re frustrated because things are not going as planned? You know the feeling: you’ve been working hard all day long, but you just can’t seem to cross anything off of your to-do list. The truth is—in many cases—your...

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Nine Early Warning Signs That You Are Losing Control

Nine Early Warning Signs That You Are Losing Control

Face it, you’re always busy. Your agenda is full, and it seems that you are continually adding more tasks to your to-do list. If you’re completely honest, you have the feeling that you are losing control.And that feels lousy, right? The good news is that things will...

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What is REALLY Free?

What is REALLY Free?

You want to work on the things that are important to you…but find yourself spending hours doing other tasks. You have good intentions…but somehow you can’t get away from email. Once you finally leave the inboxes, you find you have no momentum. Despite trying to be...

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