Working on our own effectiveness

Being productive and working on your productivity. Habits and projects.
Based in Everbeek, with clients & team members all over the world

Our Moto

Experimenting to become better

There must be a better way.
But simultaneously we gravitate to the status quo.
We use experiments to give ourselves permission to try a different and hopefully a better how. 

“There’s a difference between why, what and how, experiments are our how to change”
Johan DHaeseleer


Safe, Permission & Insights

How do you get a Growth Mindset? 
We believe that the tool to incorporate in your life are experiments. Part of your limited resources should go to doing experiments to become better.
They also give you stories.


Team Members

Our Experi – (wo) – men

Different background, same journey.
Becoming better at using our limited resources to reach our goals and finish our important projects.
Our aim: to enable you to become more effective and more productive, by travelling the same road together.

Johan DHaeseleer

Chief Energy and Attention
Keynotes, Workshops, Content

David Kirsch

Keynotes, Workshops, Coaching

Steven De Block

Workshops, Coaching

Sylvianne Spitaels

Chief Markting and Energy
Marketing and Energy (Food)

Doenja Goutsmet

Coaching, Workshops

Martine Aarts

Coaching, workshops

Bart De Vos

Business Developmet

Koen Daems

Workshops, coaching

Bart Van Ryckegem

Chief Money Officer

How Can We Help You?

When your team members need more productivity, we’re a fit. We teach your individual team members work-simplification for knowledge workers. Your people learn how to optimize their limited resources. We like to work for the individual. We also do interventions on a team level and organizational level. We like to help you find and fix the next bottleneck to become better.