Would you like to read more? Sure you would. Maybe you would like to dive deep into a new topic with nonfiction or you maybe you would like to read more fiction. Whatever it is you’d like to read, it takes timeyour most valuable investmentto read.

Wouldn’t it be nice to help your coworkers or team members with your knowledge when a question comes up at work? Reading helps you grow and gives you information you can share with others. But here’s one key thought to consider before we dig deeper.

Remember, you’re not in school anymore.

When you were in school, you were required to read certain books, right? In many cases, you probably found some of those books to be boring, and you didn’t enjoy them. So when you get out of school, you may think negatively about reading. Here’s the secret: you can read about ANYTHING that interests you now. You have no obligation to read a boring book. If you don’t like something, you can move on and find something you do like.

9 Ways To Read More Starting Today

Let’s assume you think you don’t have time to read the book you want to read. The good news is that there are some fantastic time-saving approaches to help you learn (and read) more. Here are nine tips you can use. 

1.Watch a video.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to search on Youtube for a presentation by the author. Google often invites authors to discuss their book with them for forty minutes. These presentations are then recorded and made available for free. Use the keywords “Google Talk Authors” when searching. You’ll find talks by Tim Ferriss, George R.R. Martin, Andy Weir, and more.

2. Listen to an audio version of the book.

Popular management books are usually released in audio format, so you have the ability to listen to it on your iPod or another mobile device. You can use time spent traveling in the car or bus to listen to audiobooks. You can purchase audiobooks from the iTunes store, Audible, and more.  

3. Find a summary of the book.

If you look around, you can always find an article on a blog about the book you want to read. A good blog post will often share the main concepts in a book. 

4. Subscribe to a summary service.

There are summary services available where each month you get eight pages of key concepts from books that interest you. The three most popular options are SummarygetAbstract and Bizsum. Best of all, you can even test these services for free.

5. Spend some time on Goodreads.com.

This website makes it easy to view the reading list and book reviews of your contacts. Ask others for insights from the books they have read. Ask others what is the best book they have read this year. This valuable insight can help you make decisions as to what books you should read. Even if you decide not to read the book, you still have some insight from another perspective, which can be helpful.

6. Learn to read faster.

The average reading speed is 250 words per minute. By investing half a day of your time, you can increase your speed to 1,000 words. The funny thing is that when you read faster, you’ll remember more. Your brain can pick up a lot more than you think it can. When you have more to read, you will find you are less distracted.

7. Purchase an ebook reader.

An ebook reader is a great way to have your entire library with you. You don’t even need to decide in advance what book you would like to take with you. You decide whenever you pull out your e-reader. I have been very happy using my Kindle, and I take it with me everywhere I go.

8. Read the book The Little Guide to a Well-Read Life.

Steve Leveen wrote this book ten years ago. It changed my outlook on reading. It taught me that it is fine to lay down a book I do not like. When I was younger, I had learned that you had to finish reading a book, just as you should finish all of the food on your plate.

9. Put the book you are reading as a project on your Master List.

This way you will see it is a task that you need to accomplish. This gentle reminder is an excellent way to encourage you to read more.

Do you have any tips to help you read more?